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We're doing something a bit different this month, while we figure out exactly what we want the group contests to look like going forwards (we've been really busy over the Christmas period, so haven't really had a chance to organise a new contest format properly).

This one is Android only, I'm afraid, but it should be fun! (We'll go back to stuff that everyone can do next month, we promise).

What is the #ArtRageFree Challenge?

We want to see what you can do with the FREE Android app we just released. We don't care if you already have the paid app, or if you have to use your finger, we want to see you rise to the challenge of using one layer and one kind of tool (the oil brush).

You can download ArtRage Oil Painter Free here from the Play Store.

How To Enter

You can draw anything you like, but instead of submitting the picture, submit a screenshot of it in the app. (Because Oil Painter Free doesn't have all the tools from the paid versions, it's not fair if people aren't actually using it).

You can submit it to the contest folder for the month, or to our Facebook account, forum, or even our Twitter! Tagging it #artragefree will help us find it.

This is a contest for everyone, not just DeviantART users, so as long as we get your picture and can tell it's a contest entry, we'll consider it a valid entry.

You can enter as much as you like.


We'll be handing out Play Store gift cards to entries we like the best throughout the contest. This means that if you submit an entry early, we might give you a prize straight away, or we might wait and look at it when we judge the final batch of entries - it really depends on how many entries we get and how much your entry stands out.

Once we've picked winners, we'll contact you to get the email to send your Play Store gift code to.


The contest runs from now (because New Year's weekend is a long public holiday down in NZ, so we're launching it a little early) until the end of January.

You can also see the contest announcement on our website here:…
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December 30, 2015


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